Friday, August 19, 2011

This morning, at ten o'clock

This morning Dallas Fire-Rescue buries a hero.  Rest in peace, Lt. Krodle.

Firefighter's Prayer

When I am called to duty, God
whenever flames may rage,
Give me the strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.

Help me to embrace a little child
Before it’s too late,
Or some older person
from the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert
And hear the weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling
and give the best in me,
To guard my neighbor
And protect his property.

And if according to Your will
I have to lose my life,
Please bless with Your protecting hand
My children and my wife

-Firefighter A.W. “Smokey” Linn, 1958

Monday, August 15, 2011

A fallen hero; Lt. Todd Krodle

We must pause and realize that while our cause with Truck 11 is important, it's the lives of our firefighters that matter above all else.  We would like to offer our prayers and deepest sympathies to the family, friends and Station 26 brothers of Lt. Todd Krodle who gave the ultimate sacrifice and fell in the line of duty. 

Our prayers continue for the firefighters that remain serving day after day; that they may never meet the same tragic fate. 

Town Hall Meetings: Update

Reports are coming back from the Town Hall meetings that many in the city council have heard about this issue and that we are giving them cause for pause regarding the truck relocation programs.  We still have a long way to go until the end of September when the final decision is made - but we are being heard, and that's where it all starts. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

We now have a petition to sign!

You can use this link to petition Angela Hunt and the Budget Committee to keep Truck 11:

Sign up and tell you friends, neighbors and favorite Uptown/Oak Lawn and Turtle Creed establishments to do the same.

Our cause is gaining traction!

So many wonderful news stories were run yesterday!

It started with Robert Wilonsky from the Observer's Unfair Park:

Channels 5 and 8 ran stories on TV:

These stories give us a wonderful springboard to involve more local business, associations and residents!  Keep the support coming!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watch for our wonderful supporters on the news tonight: Channels 5 and 8

Flyers, flyers everywhere - calling volunteers

Save Truck 11 is currently looking for volunteers to hand out flyers to local office buildings, bars, restaurants, home associations, etc. We are willing to provide soft copies of flyers based on area, business, high rise - with facts about response times, truck facts and fire safety information.  Print them out and off you go!

Email to to request specific flyers - and let us know where you plan to distribute. 

Now is the time to put all of our support into action; we have a wonderful nieghborhood.  Let's tell City Council that we are ready to fight for our safety and security.

Here are some examples of places volunteers can go:  West Village, Scottish Rite Hospital, the bars of McKinney Ave, Station 4, JR's, Library Bar, the Warwick Hotel, Cafe Brazil, Cyclone Anayas, Steel, Eatzi's, Pappadeaux, Dish, Uncle Julio's, The Mansion, Gloria's, Bob's Steak and Chop House, The Observer, Mia's Tex Mex, Sushi Zushi, Bread Winners and Quarter Bar, Al Biernat's, Mi Cocina, Primo's, Nick and Sam's, Manny's...the list goes on and on.  You know your neighborhood best - you tell us where you plan to go!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did you e-mail Angela Hunt today? Do it now!

Just a quick e-mail with a note that says,  or

"Angela, I'm a constituent in your district and I'm concerned that you're planning to move fire truck 11 away from my neighborhood.  Please look for more information on our Facebook page  or our blog at .  I am ready to fight to keep my first responders." 

The more e-mails she gets the better our chances are of keeping Truck 11 come October 1st!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How long does it take Truck 11 to get to you?

Look at how the response times increase when another station responds to your emergency

Room temperatures can reach over 1100 degrees in less than 5 minutes: the nitty gritty facts


The proposed budget of the City of Dallas for Fiscal Year 2011-12 has been presented and is currently under review.   Among the many proposed budget cuts is a Fire Truck realignment plan which would remove the truck – YOUR Fire Truck – from historic Fire Station 11 located at 3828 Cedar Springs Road.

Why is this important?
For over 100 years, Truck 11 has faithfully served the Cedar Springs community:  A densely populated neighborhood filled with high rise buildings, multi-unit apartment complexes, shopping centers, complex streets, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and homes.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year Truck 11 stands ready to rapidly respond whenever called upon to assist you.  Truck 11 is staffed by a diverse mix of highly skilled personnel who have chosen to work in and serve this community by providing the high level of protection and assistance you deserve and have come to expect.  The crews of Truck 11, through years of experience and dedication, know this area:  the streets, the buildings, and you, the people.

Trucks are a vitally important part of the Fire Service, and this neighborhood is truly fortunate to host one.  Trucks carry equipment and tools that other apparatus do not:  a 100 foot ladder to access high rise buildings, fans to remove smoke from structures, a multitude of tools to find and eliminate hidden fire in walls and ceilings, extrication tools and airbags to remove injured persons from car accidents, tarps and water removal systems to limit water damage in homes and businesses, and much more.

The Fire Service responds to emergencies where minutes count.    The Fire Service responds to so much more than fires:  medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, elevator emergencies, gas and water leaks, trapped pets...the list goes on and on.  Please review these response times and consider a few facts:

o   Fire spreads quickly – room temperatures can reach over 1100 degrees in less than 5 minutes.  A few minutes can make the difference between a small fire and your entire house or business burning.
o   In medical emergencies, seconds count.  Time lost is brain or heart lost.  Delays as little as a few minutes in situations such as heart attacks, strokes, or CPRs can result in death.
o   In major trauma, the “Golden Hour” for survival begins when injury occurs and stops when the patient reaches the OR.  You cannot afford delays in rescuers getting to you.

You are served and protected by Old Station 11 – The Big House – with a full complement of equipment:  Truck 11, Engine 11, Rescue 11, and Peak Demand Rescue 73.  These crews were placed here because of the dense population and sheer number of buildings in this vibrant community.  That has not changed; rather, this area has continued to expand and grow.  Now, more than ever, your needs demand everything that Station 11 has to offer.  Now is not the time to sacrifice your safety.Please review the proposed changes in response time to your neighborhood.  Please think of what you may be giving up…what you may be risking.  Please contact your City Council person.  Please attend a Town Hall Meeting.  Please let your voice be heard.


What can you do to Save Truck 11? Contact your Councilwoman!

Contact Angela Hunt of District 14! or
Office (214) 670 - 5415
Fax (214) 670 - 5117

102 Year Tradition

Did you know that there has been a fire truck housed at Station 11 for 102 years?

It seems silly for an interim chief to upset that tradition of safety and security!

Why do I need a fire truck in my area?

Trucks have ladders (very, very large ladders).  Engines do not.  That's the reason!

It's important with all of the high-rises, apartment complexes and tall office buildings in the Turtle Creek/Uptown/Oak Lawn area to have an apparatus that is able to fight tall building fires and rescue trapped people should there be an emergency.

By removing the truck from this location, residents in the immediate area will have to wait longer for an appropriate rescue vehicle to arrive.   Station 11 has 2 ambulances and an engine; but it's the truck that makes the station an extra asset to the community.

Truck 11